Franklin Noll, PhD
About Franklin Noll
Franklin Noll, PhD, is president and chief historian of Noll Historical Consulting, LLC. Noll Historical Consulting specializes in the financial and monetary history of the US Government and the research and care of the objects stemming from that world.

Noll is a recognized authority on the history of money, Treasury securities, Civil War finance, and the US public debt. He has extensively written and spoken upon these topics, including making film and radio appearances and writing blogs for the US Treasury and Bloomberg News.

Noll began his professional life as a businessman. Coming from a small farming town in the Pennsylvania Dutch country, he received a BS in business management at Lehigh University. He then worked in the plastics industry before returning to school to study history. Earning a PhD in history at the University of Maryland, he taught history at the university level for several years, winning the Rundell Award for Teaching and being named a University of Maryland Distinguished Teacher. Noll then left academia to begin his own company.

Noll has served as the President of the Treasury Historical Association as well as the Treasurer of the Greenbelt Museum, President of the Government Securities Historical Discussion Group, and President of the Institute for Edwardian Studies. Noll has worked on several editorial boards, including EH.Net and The Federalist.

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Douglas Hamilton, Secretary of the Treasury Jacob Lew, Bill White, Franklin Noll 

Former Secretary of the Treasury Henry M. Paulson, Jr. and Franklin Noll 

Former Bureau of Engraving and Printing Director Larry Felix and Franklin Noll 

Robyn Muncy, Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Sarah Bloom Raskin, and Franklin Noll