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About Noll Historical Consulting, LLC
Located just outside Washington, DC, Noll Historical Consulting was established in 1999 to provide historical research, collections management, and archival services to clients such as Navigator Military Publishing, the Harvard Business School, and the British Broadcasting Corporation.

While Noll Historical Consulting has provided services as diverse as researching World War II bombing raids, archiving the correspondence of leading US physicists, and lecturing at the Smithsonian on Edwardian England, it specializes in the study of the world of US Government finance and monetary development.

Noll Historical Consulting has worked with the Treasury, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, the Bureau of the Public Debt, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the International Monetary Fund, and other agencies, helping them to use history to meet their immediate needs and to plan for the future.

Using his expert historical knowledge of currency, currency production, Treasury securities, debt markets, currency and debt issuance, the public debt, the Treasury and the Federal Reserve, Noll has provided almost 20 years of service to:

Government & Industry
Public relations support (talking points, speeches, publications), research, website design, presentations, and etc.

The Press
Fact checking, background briefings, audio and on-camera interviews

Film & Stage
Research and script ideas, fact checking, assuring historical accuracy for Hollywood films, documentaries, television, and stage plays.

Research, information on particular US currency notes and Treasury securities.

With a deep and wide knowledge of US Government finance and monetary development, extensive experience in the care of definitive financial instruments (including currency), and ready access to the nation's major archives, Noll Historical Consulting is unmatched in its field.
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